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Our Initiative

In 2023, Paralyne Digital utilized its extensive full-stack marketing background to generate additional 7-Figure ARR for our client companies, across all campaigns managing more than $2 million in ad spend.

As of 2024, we've segued into investment/deal facilitation, leveraging our expertise and extensive network to orchestrate meetings between companies and investors. Our initiative is simple: We strive to secure your company with the vital fertilizer needed to expand and grow.

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Average Ad Returns



Ad Spend Across Clients



Cross-Network Deals

Pair With Investors Like:

RBC BankFidelityHSBCForbion VenturesCapital GroupWells Fargo
J.P. MorganBlackrockAdvent InternationalTD BankGoldman Sachs
RBC BankFidelityHSBCForbion VenturesCapital GroupWells Fargo

Become The Shift

Don't just shift, be the shift. Utilize our systems & databases pivotal to top investment bankers and equity firms, that are tailored tools specifically for your venture - amplifying the scope of traditional outreach. This strategy extends our network beyond conventional boundaries generating hundreds of millions in investment dollars.

Our targeted campaigns will engage 5,000 to 20,000 potential investors, ensuring dozens of meaningful interactions daily. Our team, comprised of former investment bankers and venture capital experts, are all dedicated to advancing your industry's growth.

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Why Paralyne?

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Investor Network

Leverage up to 8 figures of potential capital through personal connections. With over 10,000 investors on notice, quickly mobilize significant capital through our rolodex and past ventures.

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Our expert communicators ensure every conversation and report flows smoothly, making exceptional dialogue the norm. Join us as a partner where communication shines at the core of our operations.

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Outbound Channels

Forget warm up periods, and embrace reaching hundreds of thousands of prospects immediately - We've developed efficient outbound mechanisms that engage & sell prospects on a large scale, within days.

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Data Focused

Driven by a data-oriented approach, we rigorously analyze data, refine & enhance our strategies, optimizing for maximum impact. Furthermore intensifying our outreach, retargeting those yet to engage or interact with our content.

The Hard Way Vs. Paralyne's Approach

The Hard Way

Paralyne's Approach

Lengthy and competitive application processes

Streamlined and targeted introductions

Reliance on networking events and pitching

Strategic partnerships and innovative funding models

Manual Outreach, and list development

Cutting-edge AI outbound marketing campaigns

Limited access to potential investors

Broader exposure to global investors

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Capital Raised

Renaissance Bioscience


• Network - access to 8-figure capital raises

• Private Serving Hosting - Securing 100,000’s of prospective clients

• Full-scale marketing

• Paid advertising/Lead generation

• Omni AI Outbound Infrastructure.


• Systems that have targeted a $10M CAD capital raise for Renaissance Bioscience

• Involved in a banking syndicate: Canaccord, Research Capital, IA Capital

• Outperformed traditional financial firms

• Worked in securing term sheets totaling over $25M CAD.

Next Steps

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Arrange a discovery meeting with one of our funding specialists to delve into your company's ambitions and funding requirements.

Step 2: Due Diligence & Infrastructure

Assess investment viability and map out key infrastructure with our experts to ensure a solid foundation for your venture's growth.

Step 3: Consolidation

Carefully implement our targeted outreach strategy, and launch all personalized campaigns to raise your desired capital with urgency.

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Gain access to global capital and cutting edge systems — tap into a network of investors with sharp interest, from institutions to angels, ready to funnel millions into your venture.

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