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About Paralyne

In 2023, Paralyne Digital leveraged its full-stack marketing expertise to generate additional 7-figure ARR for our clients, managing over $2 million in ad spend. We're ready to do the same for you. Let us handle customer acquisition for B2C and B2B, getting your products to thousands of customers, while you focus on creating quality products.

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Case Studies

Big 3 Pizza Logo

Big 3 Pizza

"  Their team completely reformed our company, and we've been able to reach a larger audience than we ever imagined. I'm thrilled with the partnership and look forward to continued growth together! "

Ionela Cristea, CEO


$80,000 from B2B retail deals collected within the first 30 days of working with Paralyne

• B2C E-Commerce store launched selling $30,000 in the first month, with paid ads averaging a 10X ROAS

• Website landing page conversion increased by 1,200% from 0.5% to 6.2%

• Ended the month with $110,000 in additional revenue, with only 1 product in 1 city

CraftedByKaiyo Logo


"  Working with Paralyne has been amazing for my store, I never would've imagined the results we got from just organic content alone. No doubt my expectations were exceeded. "

Leo Sztohrynec, Founder


• Increased E-Commerce monthly revenue from $4,800 to $101,000, a 2,100% increase through paid advertising

• Optimized landing page yielding a 127% increase in conversion

• Organic social media content build out; over 70,000 followers and millions of views garnered across platforms

Infinity Stone Ventures


• Influencer Marketing with loyal fanbases in the financial space

• Private Email Server - Reaching 100,000’s of prospective investors

• Omni-channel marketing campaigns


Before: IPO launched previously on CSE, aiming to recover stock    price/trading volume

$20M+ CAD in retail buying power generated in 90 days

• Increase in daily trading volume from 30,000 to 300,000

• Over 1,000 active investors generated in first week with a cost    per lead of only $20

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10X Your Ad Spend

Our systems generate an average 10x ROAS. Inbound or outbound, we'll reach and convert your target customers. Leverage our marketing expertise for high retention and conversion ad designs.

Reinvent Your Customer Funnel

We've increased our clients conversion rate from 0.5% to 6.2%- Garnering $1,000,000 in ARR. Using direct response techniques and stunning visuals. We don't just make landing pages; we craft the best messages tailored to your customers.

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Why Paralyne?

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Paid Advertising

Leverage our experience running paid ads through multiple channels with an average of 10X ROAS across our past clients- funneling thousands of buyers to your store.

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Funnel Optimization

We don't waste time with ineffective messaging. Our copy and visuals are continually refined to maximize conversion and keep orders flowing- and that goes for retail chains as well. Our customers have seen an average of 300% increase in conversion.

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Outbound Channels

Our proprietary software allows us to reach 1,000s of retail managers and executives a day on your behalf- expediting the time it takes to reach global retail presence.

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Data Focused

Driven by a data-oriented approach, we rigorously analyze data, refine & enhance our strategies, optimizing for maximum impact. Furthermore intensifying our outreach, retargeting those yet to engage or interact with our content.

Next Steps

Step 1: Discovery Meeting

Arrange a 1-1 call so we can understand your business, product range, acquisition channels, and financial goals.

Step 2: Strategic Development

Our team of experts will dive deep into your client acquisition channels and identify any gaps in your business, and develop a strategy for growth.

Step 3: Onboarding & Launch

Together with you, we'll build out everything needed to begin campaigns as fast as possible. From there we'll continually measure KPIs and further iterate.

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